The Importance of Time Off

In today’s world, time away from work seems like a thing that’s farther and farther away from reality. Many of us work through our breaks, skip vacation days or sick leave, or aren’t encouraged to take those days we need. In some cases, that even hurts us financially. 

While we often focus on the direct wages that employers are expected to provide, there’s more to your income than just your wages. The extra time you have to spend on your family, your passions, or even just resting is important, too. 

Why Breaks Are Important 

In a society where productivity is important, breaks often fall by the wayside. That happens because of quotas to be met, long projects, or fewer people on the staff. However, that lack of time off can hurt you in ways that you might not expect. 

While you might only feel disappointed right now that you don’t have time to spend time with your children or learn a second language, you might also run into physical effects of burnout. National media outlets have even covered the effects after the death of some overworked interns. 

Simply put, your body can’t handle constant work. Your mental and physical health can be affected by a lack of sleep, food, and proper rest. That’s why we’re focusing now on protecting your right to take breaks and days off. 

Legal Rights to Time Off 

Not every worker is guaranteed time on the state level. While companies have policies that outline sick leave and vacation time, they may not be required to offer it in your state. Virginia, for example, doesn’t guarantee its workers vacation days

For those who work within a smaller, specific business, like a personal injury lawyer in Richmond, this might not be a major concern. Moving may not be difficult, but you may have the grounds within your company to seek out vacation time. 

That’s not the case for many workers in Virginia. Someone working in the food or retail industries, for example, may not have the power to ask for these things. Worse, they could even face consequences without the wealth or power to act on it. 

Voting for Vacations

Summer may be closing in, but those vacation days can do more for you than give you a few days on the beach. That time away from work can affect your mental and physical health in visible, positive ways. If you’re concerned about your rights for time off, whether that’s guaranteed sick days, maternity or paternity leave, or vacation days. 

If you’re concerned about protecting your time, consider speaking to your representatives about these rights for workers as voters. Protecting your wages doesn’t stop at your paycheck, after all, so make sure you’re getting fair treatment and time to focus on the things you love.