The High Costs of Legal Claims

In your daily life, you likely don’t think about the financial impact on you and your family if a lawsuit happened. For example, you might not be thinking about what would happen if you were involved in a car accident, were accused of a crime, or simply needed help settling a family law dispute. 

Unfortunately, the income gap can affect you here, too. Ensuring that people have funds for a legal case and recovery is tough, and if you’re already part of a low-income family, that can be even harder or even impossible. 

This week, we’ll be focusing on the impact of a legal case on low-income families, in which higher wages for workers can help. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples where a legal case can hurt your family. 

The Funds for a Legal Fight

When you’re injured because someone else was careless, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Your income can actually hurt your chances of recovery. While contingency fees can help you get legal representation without hurting your finances, you might still find yourself struggling with your case. 

For example, let’s say you were in a car accident. Already, your insurance company might not cover the full costs of your claim. You’ll need car repairs, hospital bill coverage, and other funds that you might simply be unable to afford. 

In these cases you might need someone like a Chicago car accident lawyer. These lawyers generally work on contingency fees, which means they’re only paid a percentage of your compensation if you win. 

However, a lack of income can make the time between your accident and your day in court feel even worse. One little accident, even if it was someone else’s fault, can devastate a low-income family until their claim is settled. 

Taking the Defense

Worse, you or a loved one may have been accused of a crime, arrested, and not sure how to cover your bail. That doesn’t include fines and other penalties that come with a conviction. However, you might be unable to afford the representation you deserve. While a public defender can help, you’ll also have little choice in attorneys if you don’t have the funds. 

This leaves low-income families without the resources to fight a conviction. That means many people without these funds may go to prison simply because they couldn’t afford to fight back. Now, they may have even lost their job, putting them deeper in debt and poverty. 

Accidents Happen, but Recovery Is Vital

While you might not be a member of a low-income family, you might recognize stories about people without the wages to cover their losses. Whether it’s bills for recovering after an injury or people facing convictions because their public defender isn’t giving them their full attention, a lack of funds can be devastating when anything goes wrong. 

That’s why we believe in helping people get the safety net they need. With higher minimum wages, more families will be able to protect themselves when the worst happens. They’ll have the opportunity to defend their record, afford insurance, and have their needs covered during this difficult time. 

If you’re concerned about how minimum wage and income can affect the people, read on. We understand that wages affect us all in ways we might not expect, so make sure you know how your income can affect you, whether you’re an executive or an intern.