Minimum Wage in New York

Most workers in New York City are just trying to make it work and get by, whether you’re a CEO, one of the attorneys at Jaghab, Jaghab & Jaghab, PC, or a janitor, your income makes your lifestyle possible. You and your family need that money for food, shelter, and the daily necessities we all run into.

Unfortunately, many New Yorkers find themselves struggling to make ends meet. They’re making minimum wage, and they may be working multiple jobs just to make ends meet.

That’s why we want to see the minimum wage increase. People like you need income to survive, so seeking out a living wage can make a difference.

About Minimum Wages

When the minimum wage was set, it was meant to be a minimum option for workers to receive that still met their needs. That way, one person should be able to work a minimum wage job and have the money they need for a full life. That means food, utilities, housing, and any other essential items.

However, the minimum wage hasn’t kept up with inflation over time. That means that these wage minimums are no longer meeting the needs of the people.

In fact, these wages haven’t changed significantly or federally in years. That means people are required to work more to make ends meet, and sometimes, they’re not able to do that at all. Because of this, we want to see more people voting for fair pay for workers.

Why It’s Important

If you’re living in a comfortable job, you might not be too worried about how much other workers are paid. You’re focused on your own income and how to protect your wages. However, that doesn’t mean minimum wage won’t affect you.

Better-paid workers may mean a stronger economy. That means that there are fewer people struggling to make ends meet, which means more people can spend money on goods and services. Those goods and services just might be the industry you’re employed in.

In other cases, you might have a family member who’s seeking a job to pay for a car, a home, or college. You want to see your family, or even yourself if your current job is in danger, be able to pay for the things they need. A higher minimum wage can help with that.

Vote for Higher Wages Today

Even if it doesn’t seem that the minimum wage affects you, it’s important to consider how a change in the minimum wage can change your state. Many New Yorkers struggle every day to pay their basic bills and stay out of debt. Helping these workers and workers in general get the income they deserve is important for a healthy state and a strong economy.

That’s why we hope you vote for better wages this election season. Make sure you know the candidates for your area, and make sure you know where they stand on wages and what the average worker should earn.

If you’re looking for more information about minimum income and how it can change your state, check out the resources in the text above and read more here on our site. We’ll keep you updated with the latest information you need about wage law and what you need to know to vote for a proper living wage.