How Traffic Cops Can Tell You’re Using Your Phone While Driving

Getting caught texting and driving is not only a reckless thing to do, but it is also against the law in many states. Although it is very rare for someone to be pulled over just for that, it is a secondary defense a lot of the time. How exactly can a cop tell if someone is using their phone and texting? Here are a few ways they can end up figuring out what you are doing.

The first one is simple enough, and that is checking cell phone records after-the-fact. It is not a commonly used tactic in a lot of cases, simply because it is rather difficult to put it altogether. This is mostly going to be reserved for accidents that caused a major injury or death. It is a way for them to prove in the court of law that a person was driving while distracted. Getting records is one of the best ways how traffic cops can tell you’re using your phone while driving, because they can match up the time perfectly.

A much more common way cops can tell a person is texting comes down to their tendencies while driving. There are a lot of signs that a person is distracted by something, and most of the time, these days, it comes down to the phone. Things like staring at your own lap, hesitating at lights a little bit too long, or even weaving around on the road. All these types of actions show the cop that something is not exactly right. Maybe a person is under the influence of drugs, but whatever the case is, something needs to be done.

Some jurisdictions are coming up with clever ways to also spot texters on the road. Using tactics such as truckers who were elevated, spotters on an overpass, and even cops posing as homeless people begging for money. These are all ways that cops can really tell if a person is texting while they are driving. Sometimes people are just going to go home with a warning, but there might be times in the future where more and more citations are handed out this way. Some might think it is not exactly fair for them to do that, but if it is keeping the roads clear of those who are distracted, it might be for the best.

Finally, there are some companies who are working on tools that can help cops detect if a person is texting. While they are mostly in the developing stages right now, they could be used in the future to really combat this type of behavior.

Cops handing out tickets is frustrating for sure, but Long Island cell phone ticket attorney options are plentiful these days. No one should try to fight a ticket without using one. They can help get results in a short amount of time, exploring every possible way that it can end up getting dismissed. Check them out if you ever find yourself with a ticket.

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