How to Prove That Your Ex Is Not a Fit Parent

A child custody case can be a challenging ordeal for a lot of people. Perhaps the most challenging is trying to craft a case against the other parent to show that they are not fit to care for a child.

The first step to having success in a child custody case is to really know the laws in that particular jurisdiction. There are so many different laws around the United States that it can be difficult for some people to know them all, at first. There are a lot of tools out there for people who want to put themselves in the best light possible. Research is essential for any legal case, but when it comes down to the amount of time a person can see their child, it becomes mandatory.

Next, a parent should never really focus on only trashing the other parent. It can really provide a fairly poor look on people doing that. Not only is it not fair to the child, but also the judge is not going to be very happy either. Most people are going to go into a child custody hearing trying to seek sole custody. Though sometimes that is necessary, it just looks terrible for a parent to only focus on how bad the other one is.

Providing evidence that you are the better parent is the best way to go. Pointing out, not only that the physical well-being, but also the psychological well-being of a child is going to be very important in their future. The judge is going to look at all of these criteria when making the final decision, so painting yourself in the best picture possible is going to be the way to go.

Sole custody might seem like a better deal, but it is easier to go for joint custody. Some people might look at this as a loss, but it really should not be seen that way. Not only does it really benefit a child because they get a chance to see both, but it makes things go a little bit more smoothly for the most part. It is always going to be complicated if the two parents live far away, but it can be dealt with.

Whatever the case may be, it is important to learn how to prove that your ex is not a fit parent without completely trashing them. For more assistance on the legal side of things, a person can get in contact with a Pittsburgh family law attorney, or any other local option. It is the best way to get general advice in these situations that can be difficult to fully-understand. They deal with hundreds of similar cases like these and will know what to do.

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