It’s not fun to think of our elders being abused in nursing homes. However, it does happen, and it’s an important topic to discuss. For many years, no one realized that nursing home abuse was an issue. However, now more people are learning that elder abuse is a real problem, and it must be stopped, at all costs.

The more we all fight against nursing home abuse, the better our chances are of seeing changes in legislation to protect aging adults who just need a safe and loving place to live.

So what exactly is nursing home abuse?

Nursing home abuse is any type of abuse that occurs in the nursing home or caregiving facility environment. You may think of abuse as physical, but there are many other different types of elder abuse that can take place in a nursing home.

Here’s a look at the main forms of elder abuse:

  • Physical – this includes any physical assaultive abuse, such as hitting, punching, slapping, shaking, pinching, etc.
  • Emotional and mental – this abuse includes putting the elder down, verbal abuse, psychological abuse, withholding affection, alienating the elder, etc.
  • Sexual – any nonconsensual sexual contact with an elder, including those elders that are unable to give consent due to mental incapacitation.
  • Financial – taking advantage of the elder’s vulnerable state for personal monetary gain.
  • Neglect/abandonment – failing to properly care for an elder, including adequate bathing, healthcare, and nutrition.

Why does this happen to elders? Who would do such horrible things?

Aging adults are vulnerable because of their often fragile physical and mental states. They are unable to fight back, and sometimes elders don’t have the mental capacity to understand what’s happening to them. In addition, even when elders are aware of the abuse they endure from those they trust to care for them, they can be intimidated by their abusers and live in a constant state of fear, where they’re too afraid to tell anyone who can help. This is why abusers prey on the elderly, and it’s sickening.

It’s up to us to fight against abuse and protect our loved ones! If your loved one has been abused, you can seek justice and compensation by working with a nursing home abuse lawyer. Lawyers can help you file a claim to obtain damages for all your suffering and the suffering your elder loved one has been forced to experience.

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