Getting Paid as a Surrogate

When you choose to be a surrogate, you’re making a big decision for your health and your body for the next nine months and beyond. That can affect your life in a lot of ways, but one of your big concerns may be the costs and the payment for surrogates. 

You’re giving up a part of your body to carry a child, so you should be fairly compensated. Those seeking to be part of a PA surrogacy or a surrogate in other states should know what their time and their health is worth. While it may not be traditional work as we see it, surrogacy is a form of labor, so we’re committed to making sure you get the funds you need for your case. 

How Much Do Surrogates Make on Average? 

The money you make as a surrogate will depend on the surrogacy agency, the parents, and many of the concerns. You should be fairly compensated, though, so make sure the surrogacy agency is offering a fair standard of pay. 

For example, the average compensation a surrogate may receive can vary a lot, especially as states decide how surrogates should be compensated. This varies a lot between agencies, too, so make sure you know what your agency is offering. If you suspect that the surrogacy agency is not going to cover all your needs, you may need to talk to a lawyer about getting fairly compensated for your time and energy. 

The Costs of Surrogacy

While you may not have to deal with the costs of a child, being pregnant is still an expensive ordeal. You need health supplies, medical care, and regular doctor’s visits. On top of that, your normal life doesn’t just stop. Your children need attention, your house needs cleaning, and you need clothes to wear. 

Fortunately, the expecting parents should be in charge of paying for much of or all of these expenses. Their budget should include the funds needed to help you deliver the baby happily and healthily. Becoming a surrogate may be a sacrifice, but it doesn’t have to be an expense on your part.

Making Sure All Surrogates Get Fair Payment

The amount of money you’ll receive as a surrogate can vary a lot, which makes it tough for new surrogates to know what to expect from their situation. You may be getting seriously different answers from different agencies, which makes it more difficult to get fair payment when you’re acting as a surrogate. 

Because of this, we’re raising awareness about surrogates and their rights. While you may have made the decision out of the kindness of your heart, you shouldn’t be treated unfairly while pregnant. If you’re concerned about your case, get help protecting yourself and your rights as a surrogate. 

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