Dangerous Intersections in Orange County, CA

Defensive driving is regularly touted as a safe driving mechanism to help avoid accidents, and for good reason. Truth is, one of the best ways to evade accidents (as far as what is within your power) is to anticipate them and respond accordingly—a principle embodied in defensive driving techniques. Still, outside of defensive driving, an added component of vehicular accident avoidance is knowing where to find accident-prone trouble spots and taking extra precaution when traversing them.

If you live in and around the Orange County, CA area, then you are in luck. In today’s article, we highlight some of the most dangerous intersections in Orange County. Taking extra care when driving through these intersections can help ensure you do not become an Orange County accident statistic.

Top Three Most Dangerous Intersections in Orange County, CA

On average, the most dangerous intersections across Orange County average six or more collisions over the year. Still, even with the average, some intersections fair significantly worse than others. The three most dangerous ones include the following:

1. Beach Blvd

With an average of about fifteen collisions per year, the intersection between Beach Blvd and Chapman Ave in Stanton is one of the most notorious intersections in Orange County.

Although it has an average number of collisions per year is a few collisions shy of the intersection topping this list, Beach Blvd and Lampson Ave in Stanton is still one of the most dangerous in Orange County. Currently, the intersection averages around twelve collisions per year.

2. Alicia Pkwy

The intersection between Alicia Pkwy and Jeronimo Rd averages eleven collisions per year.

Following behind Alicia Pkwy and Jeronimo Rd is Alicia Pkwy and Muirlands Blvd. This intersection reports an average of about nine collisions per year.

3. Crown Valley

At approximately eight collisions per year, Crown Valley Pkwy and Cabot Rd is a far cry from the average of fifteen collisions reported by the most notorious intersection on this list. Still, this more than the average of around six collisions per year.

The intersection between Marguerite Pkwy and Crown Valley Pkwy rounds out our list also with an approximate average of eight collisions per year.

When All Else Fails, Contact an Orange County Accident Lawyer

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we may find ourselves in an accident at some point as we commute around Orange County. In such instances, you will need a car accident lawyer in Orange County to help ensure that you are treated fairly in the aftermath. One motor vehicle collision is one too many, so your Orange County lawyer will work with you to ensure securing the most favorable outcome.

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