4 Reasons to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

There is a good chance that something will happen that causes you to need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. This happens to many people at some point, and they do not even know it. According to Wikipedia, there are a variety of situations in which you would be able to file a personal injury claim. These include:

  • If you get sick from eating tainted or bad food
  • If you become injured due to a defective product
  • If you get bitten by a dog
  • If you are the victim of a car accident
  • If you are the victim of a slip and fall accident
  • If you are hit or injured by another person

If you find yourself in any of these situations, you deserve to be compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, and your pain and suffering. If you plan to file a personal injury claim, there are a few reasons to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

Maximum Compensation

If you hope to get the maximum compensation for your injuries, you should let a personal injury lawyer represent you. A lawyer uses a formula to come up with a fair amount. They also work hard to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Assistance with Negotiations

Soon after your accident, the insurance company for the responsible party will contact you to offer a settlement. They often call very soon, before you even know the extent of your injuries. In most cases, the settlement amount they offer you is much less than you deserve. Personal injury lawyers are master negotiators. When you have a lawyer working for you, they negotiate with the other party’s lawyer, and they don’t accept an offer that is less than that to which you are entitled. According to experts, when you have someone handling the negotiations, you can focus on getting better.

Case Preparation and Court Representation

If your lawyer and the lawyer for the responsible party cannot come up with a settlement amount, the case must go before a judge and jury. The best chance you have to win your case is to have a personal injury lawyer. They prepare the strongest case possible before going to court. If your lawyer needs the help of a private investigator to prove your case, they have access to the best investigators in the business.

When it is time for your day in court, you will have someone to present your case. Not only will your lawyer put your witnesses on the stand to take their testimony, they will also cross-examine the witnesses for the responsible party.

Most Personal Injury Attorneys Work on a Contingency Basis

The best thing about working with a personal injury lawyer is that most of them work on a contingency basis. This means that you won’t owe the lawyer anything unless you win the case. This way, there is no risk to you. According to another Wikipedia source, the contingency fee most personal injury lawyers charge is between 25 and 50 percent.

If you are injured or become ill due to the negligence of another person or business, you deserve to be compensated. The best way to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve is to contact a personal injury lawyer.

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